One Nation

Living High in the Lord Ministries is founded on the principle of a dual approach to recovery, serving both physical and spiritual needs.

The ministry's goal is to assist in the full development of each individual. mission

Reaching Out

This ministry has been set and founded since November 1, 1990 by Rev. Jack Robinson, Pastor of One Nation Under God Christian Church in Lynwood because of his personal desire to reach out and help others.

Thanking You in Advance

We at One Nation Ministries are seeking contributions and donations from different organizations to provide food, clothing and other necessities and supplies for our residents.

 We would appreciate any donations and/or contributions which you can provide to us.

Donations Help Us Continue Doing Great Things mission

"Living High in the Lord Ministries" is a nonprofit Christian rehabilitation Program concentrating on providing for and supplying the needs of many homeless. Our residential program provides food, shelter and clothing, as well as spiritual comfort and biblical teaching to the needy.